Digital Marketing Glossary

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  1. Zero-Party Data:

    First-party data that is intentionally and proactively shared by users with a business. Zero-party data includes preferences, survey responses, and other information provided directly by individuals, giving businesses more personalized insights.

  2. Zero-Rating:

    A practice in mobile marketing where data usage for specific applications or services does not count against the user's data plan. Zero-rating is often used by mobile carriers to promote certain apps or content.

  3. Zettabyte (ZB):

    A unit of digital information storage equal to 1 billion terabytes. The term is often used in discussions about the massive scale of data generated and consumed in the digital age.

  4. Zip Code Targeting:

    A geotargeting strategy in digital advertising that focuses on delivering ads to users based on their specific zip codes. This approach allows advertisers to tailor messages to local audiences.

  5. ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth):

    A concept in digital marketing that refers to the point in the buying process when a consumer researches a product online before making a purchase decision. ZMOT emphasizes the importance of online information in influencing buying behavior.

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