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Plan for beginners with comprehensive features

50 short links

10 QR Codes

3 Collections

(per month)


  • 10 Custom alias
  • Bulk edit sheet
  • api icon UTM builder
  • api icon 2 month clicks data
  • api icon Export links
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(annual charge of $240)

Ideal for freelancers, bloggers, coaches, marketers..

1000 short links

500 QR Codes

25 Collections

(per month)

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • 5 Branded Domains
  • A/B Testing
  • api icon Custom QR Codes
  • api icon 12 month clicks data
  • api icon API
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(annual charge of $1,080)

Geared towards agencies, teams, and SMBs

Unlimited short links

2500 QR Codes

Unlimited Collections

(per month)

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • 10 Branded Domains
  • Deep Links
  • api icon Team API
  • api icon 2 years clicks data
  • api icon Advanced Analytics
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Detailed Feature Comparision

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Pay Monthly

0 per month
10per month
(annual charge of $120)
20per month
(annual charge of $240)
90per month
(annual charge of $1,080)
Core Features
Short links
Info Number of urls you can shorten per month
50/mo 500/mo 1,000/mo Unlimited
Info Group related urls and manage them together
3/mo 10/mo 25/mo Unlimited
Custom alias
Info Number of custom alias you can create per month. For eg. mybrandcom/shop-now instead of
10/mo 100/mo 1000/mo Unlimited
Info Number of url destination edits you can make per month
10/mo 100/mo 1000/mo Unlimited
Page title
Info Page title edits for easy reference and access
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Link clicks
Info No of clicks in total for all urls per month allowed
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bulk Conversion
Info Bulk shorten multipe ulrs with quick copy and paste
50/mo 500/mo 1,000/mo Unlimited
Bulk Conversion csv, xls
Info Bulk shorten multiple urls with csv or xls
500/mo 1,000/mo Unlimited
Info Group and manage by UTM paramters in bulk
Domain options
Info Choose from 3 domain options. | |
UTM Builder
Info Add utm parameters to your urls for tracking and analtycis
Info Search your urls by short link, your destination, campaign, tag, title and more
QR Codes
QR Codes
Info Number of QR codes you can create per month
10/mo 50/mo 500/mo 2,500/mo
Custom QR Code
Info Options to customize your qr code from color and logo
Custom Logo
Info Add your own custom logo to your qr code
Colour options
Info Add your brand solid or gradient color to your qr code
Download options
Info Export your qr codes as png or svg
Info Number of scans allowed on each qr codes
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Domains
Branded short links
Info Shorten urls with your own custom domain for consistent branding and trust
Branded domains
Info No of branded domains limit allowed with your account
5 10
Https optional
Info Free SSL provided by Let's Encrypt
Root redirect
Error redirect
Clicks/scans history
Info View performance of your urls and qrcodes over time
2 mo 6 mo 1 yr 2 yrs
Link analytics timeframe
Info Filter analytics from current day to a specific time period
2 mo 6 mo 1 yr 2 yrs
Aggregate Analytics
Info Time perfiod for umilative performance of all your links
2 mo 6 mo 1 yr 2 yrs
Top 10 links
Info View top 10 urls of all time and current month
Country data
Info View country level data for your urls
City data
Info View City level data for your urls
Browser data
Info View browser level data for your urls
Device data
Info View device level data for your urls
Referrer data
Info View referrer level data for your urls
Social data
Info View social level data for your urls
API requests
Info Total number of api requests per month
1,000/mo 5,000/mo 25k/mo
API rate limit
Info Number of api calls per minute
3/min 6/min 60/min
Link shortening api
Info Easily shorten links with apis
Link analyics api
Info Get link performance of your urs via api
Link editing api
Info Edit link alias, title and qr codes via apis
Custom domain api
Info Built-in apis to manage your custom domains
Extended Features
A/B testing
Info Test different url destimations by rotating your links
Mobile Links
Info Redirect to different destimation on mobile devices
Link password
Info Add password to protect private links before sharing
Link expiration
Info Set expiration dates for your urls to manage an end date
Link lock
Info Lock and protect your links against accidental deletion
Link visibiltiy
Info Hide certain links from your views to avoid clutter
Bookmark links
Info Add links as favourites by bookmarking them for easy access and importance
Info Add team members to your account and manage as a group
No of teams
Info Number of teams you can add in your account
Team members
Info Number of team members you can add in each team
*Your subscription plan is inclusive of all taxes (eg. sales tax, VAT, GST, etc) as per country/region. All amounts are shown in USD.

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