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  1. Impressions:

    In digital advertising, impressions refer to the number of times an ad is displayed, providing insights into its visibility and reach, irrespective of user interaction.

  2. In-App Advertising:

    Advertisements displayed within a mobile application. In-app advertising targets users while they interact with mobile apps and can take various forms, including banners, interstitials, and rewarded ads. It is a common strategy for reaching mobile audiences.

  3. Inbound Link:

    A hyperlink on an external website that points to a page on your website. Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are essential for SEO, as search engines consider them a vote of confidence, improving the credibility and authority of the linked page.

  4. Inbound Marketing:

    A customer-centric marketing approach that focuses on creating valuable content and experiences to attract and engage the target audience, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

  5. In-Depth Content:

    Comprehensive and detailed content that thoroughly covers a topic. In-depth content is valuable for SEO, providing depth and expertise on a subject, attracting organic traffic, and establishing authority in a particular industry or niche.

  6. Indexing:

    The process by which search engines crawl and add web pages to their database, making them available for search results. Indexing is a crucial step in SEO, ensuring that content is discoverable and appropriately ranked for relevant search queries.

  7. Influencer:

    An individual with a significant online presence and the ability to influence the opinions and behaviors of their followers. Influencers are often experts in a specific niche and collaborate with brands to promote products or services to their engaged audience.

  8. Influencer Agreement:

    A formal contract or agreement between a brand and an influencer, outlining the terms and conditions of their collaboration. Influencer agreements typically include details such as content requirements, compensation, deliverables, and usage rights.

  9. Influencer Collaboration:

    The partnership between a brand and an influencer to create content or promote products. Influencer collaborations leverage the trust and authenticity of the influencer to reach a target audience effectively, often resulting in increased brand awareness and engagement.

  10. Influencer Marketing:

    A marketing strategy that involves collaborating with influential individuals or personalities, known as influencers, to promote a product, service, or brand to their dedicated followers.

  11. Influencer Marketing Platform:

    An online platform that connects brands with influencers for collaboration. Influencer marketing platforms facilitate the discovery, communication, and management of influencer partnerships, streamlining the influencer marketing process for brands and influencers.

  12. Influencer Outreach:

    The process of reaching out to influencers with collaboration proposals. Influencer outreach involves identifying relevant influencers, crafting personalized messages, and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships for brand promotion and marketing campaigns.

  13. Influencer Takeover:

    A social media strategy where an influencer temporarily takes control of a brand's social media account. Influencer takeovers provide fresh and authentic content, reach a new audience, and increase engagement during the takeover period.

  14. Infographic:

    A visual representation of information or data using graphics, charts, and images. Infographics are widely used in content marketing to convey complex information in an easily digestible format, increasing engagement and shareability.

  15. Instagram:

    A popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Instagram is widely used in visual marketing strategies, allowing individuals and businesses to showcase products, engage with audiences, and leverage visual storytelling for brand promotion.

  16. Instagram Stories:

    A feature on the Instagram platform that allows users to share photos and videos in a slideshow format, visible to followers for 24 hours, offering a dynamic and ephemeral content experience.

  17. Instant Messaging Marketing:

    Marketing activities conducted through instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat. Instant messaging marketing includes personalized communication, customer support, and the distribution of promotional content directly to users.

  18. In-Stream Ads:

    Advertisements that appear within a streaming platform's content, such as video or music streams. In-stream ads are designed to be non-disruptive and align with the format of the content, providing a seamless advertising experience for viewers.

  19. Interactive Content:

    Content that actively engages users, encouraging them to interact and participate. Interactive content includes quizzes, polls, surveys, and interactive infographics. It enhances user experience, increases dwell time, and can be a valuable lead generation tool.

  20. Interactive Storytelling:

    A narrative technique that involves engaging audiences through interactive and participatory storytelling experiences. Interactive storytelling often utilizes digital platforms and allows users to make decisions that impact the direction of the story.

  21. In-Text Ads:

    Advertisements that appear within the text of online content, blending with the surrounding text. In-text ads are contextually relevant and aim to capture the audience's attention without disrupting the overall reading experience.

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