Digital Marketing Glossary

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  1. Earned Media:

    Media coverage or publicity gained through organic efforts, such as word-of-mouth, social sharing, or positive reviews.

  2. Ebook:

    A digital book or publication, often in PDF format, that provides in-depth information on a specific topic and is downloadable or shareable.

  3. E-commerce:

    The buying and selling of goods and services over the internet, including online retail stores and electronic transactions.

  4. Elastic Email:

    A platform offering email marketing services, including campaign creation, automation, and analytics.

  5. Email Automation:

    The use of technology to automate email marketing processes such as sending targeted messages, responses, and follow-ups.

  6. Email Marketing:

    A digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to a targeted audience to promote products, services, or engage with customers.

  7. Emoticon:

    A pictorial representation of a facial expression or emotion, often used in digital communication to convey feelings.

  8. Engagement Funnel:

    A visual representation of the stages a user goes through, from awareness to conversion, measuring interactions and engagement.

  9. Engagement Marketing:

    A marketing strategy focused on building relationships and engaging with the audience through personalized, interactive, and valuable content.

  10. Engagement Rate:

    A metric that measures the level of interaction users have with content, often calculated as a percentage of total reach or impressions.

  11. Ephemeral Content:

    Content that is temporary and disappears after a short period, often used in social media stories and messages.

  12. Error 404:

    A standard HTTP response code indicating that the server could not find the requested webpage, often displayed as 'Page Not Found.'

  13. Error Rate:

    The frequency or percentage of errors in a process, often used in analyzing user interactions on websites or applications.

  14. Event Marketing:

    Promoting a brand, product, or service through organized events, conferences, or sponsorships to engage with the target audience.

  15. Evergreen Content:

    Content that remains relevant and valuable to the audience over time, providing enduring value and traffic to a website.

  16. Exit Intent Popup:

    A type of popup displayed to users when it's detected that they are about to exit a website, often used for last-minute offers or subscriptions.

  17. Exit Rate:

    The percentage of visitors who leave a website after viewing a specific page, indicating the last page viewed before exiting.

  18. Exit Survey:

    A survey presented to users when they attempt to leave a website, collecting feedback and reasons for leaving.

  19. External Link:

    A hyperlink pointing to a different domain or website, used for reference or citation in content.

  20. External Marketing:

    Promoting products or services outside the company's physical or online properties, often through partnerships, affiliates, or collaborations.

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