Digital Marketing Glossary

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  1. Qualified Lead:

    A prospective customer who has demonstrated interest in a product or service and is more likely to become a paying customer. Qualified leads meet specific criteria and are often identified through lead scoring and engagement metrics.

  2. Quality Score:

    A metric used by search engines, particularly Google, to measure the relevance and quality of an ad and its corresponding landing page. Quality Score influences ad rankings and the cost per click in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

  3. Quantitative Data:

    Numerical data that can be measured and expressed in numerical terms. Quantitative data is crucial in digital marketing for analyzing performance, measuring ROI, and making data-driven decisions.

  4. Query:

    A user's search input or request entered into a search engine. Queries are essential for search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) as they determine when an ad or webpage appears in search results.

  5. Query String:

    The part of a URL that contains parameters and values used to pass information between a web page and a server. In digital marketing, query strings play a role in tracking and analytics, providing insights into user interactions.

  6. Query Volume:

    The number of times a specific search term or keyword is entered into a search engine within a given period. Query volume is a crucial metric for keyword research and understanding user search behavior.

  7. Quick Response (QR) Code:

    A two-dimensional barcode that can store various types of information, such as URLs, text, or contact information. QR codes are used in marketing to provide quick access to websites, promotions, and additional content.

  8. Quick Win:

    A strategy or tactic that delivers rapid and tangible results with minimal effort and resources. Quick wins are often used in digital marketing to demonstrate early successes and build momentum in a larger campaign.

  9. Quora Marketing:

    The use of the Quora platform for marketing purposes, including answering relevant questions, engaging with users, and establishing expertise. Quora marketing can drive website traffic, brand awareness, and audience engagement.

  10. Quote Tweet:

    A feature on Twitter that allows users to retweet a tweet with their comment added. Quote tweets are used for sharing opinions, adding context, and participating in conversations on the platform.

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