Digital Marketing Glossary

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  1. Facebook Ads:

    An advertising platform on Facebook that allows businesses to create and display targeted ads to specific user segments, utilizing a variety of ad formats to achieve marketing objectives.

  2. Feature Creep:

    The continuous addition of features or functionalities to a product or project beyond its original scope, often resulting in complexity, delays, and potential negative effects on user experience.

  3. Filter Bubbles:

    A situation where individuals are exposed to personalized information that aligns with their existing beliefs, creating a limited and biased perspective, often influenced by algorithms and online platforms.

  4. Flat Design:

    A design approach characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and a focus on usability, eliminating decorative elements like gradients and shadows for a clean and straightforward visual aesthetic.

  5. Focus Group:

    A research method involving a small, diverse group of individuals whose opinions and reactions are studied to gather insights into consumer preferences, perceptions, and attitudes.

  6. Follower:

    An individual or account on social media that subscribes to and receives updates from another account, contributing to the audience of a brand or influencer.

  7. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out):

    A psychological phenomenon where individuals feel anxiety or apprehension about missing out on social events, experiences, or opportunities, often leveraged in marketing to drive engagement.

  8. Frequency:

    In advertising, the average number of times a user is exposed to an advertisement within a given time frame, a crucial metric influencing ad effectiveness and audience engagement.

  9. Friction:

    In user experience (UX) and marketing, friction refers to any element that creates resistance or hinders the smooth flow of a user's journey, impacting conversion rates and user satisfaction.

  10. Funnel:

    A marketing model representing the stages a potential customer goes through before making a purchase, typically depicted as a funnel to illustrate the narrowing process from awareness to conversion.

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